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Welcome to Superdrive Academy, we're probably one of the only driving schools in Reading that can offer you a money back guarantee on your driving lessons.

We've also been voted the best driving school in the South of England and we're pleased to say that we came 1st place out of 100's of driving schools.


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Ellie Hethershaw
Thank you so much for making my driving lessons enjoyable and easy. I passed first time with zero faults. What a great team of driving instructors in Reading. Thanks.


Ben Stockwell
Thanks Superdrive Academy, you got me through my driving test in super quick time. I Googled driving instructors near me and thank god you guys came up.


Tom Yates
Cheers Superdrive Academy for helping me pass my driving test. You gave value for money and every lesson was great. Look no further for driving schools in Reading.


Driving instructors in Reading

Superdrive Academy have been established for over 30 years and have won many awards within the driver training industry. We are also a driving instructor training company too and all of our driving instructors in Reading have been trained in-house. We have a team of male and female driving instructors for you to choose from.

Money Back Guarantee

Driving lesson prices in Reading

Per Hour /1 hour £39.00

  • High pass rates
  • Male & female instructors
  • Free student app
  • Free theory app

10 Hours /block booking £375.00

  • High pass rates
  • Male & female instructors
  • Free student app
  • Free theory app

20 Hours /block booking £740.00

  • High pass rates
  • Male & female instructors
  • Free student app
  • Free theory app

Frequently asked questions

Can you tell me how many lesson I need?

This is a very popular questions we get asked a lot. The simple answer "No". We know that everyone learns at different paces, however, but the reality is in order for us to give you some advice on how many lessons you may need, we have to see you drive first. We will then be able to see how quickly you can take onbaord information and how quickly you can get to grips with controlling the car.

What discounts do you offer?

We would love to give cheap driving lessons but the reality is we're a business and need to earn a salary. However, we do offer discounts on our block bookings. Simply sroll up the page to take a look at our discounts for block bookings.

Where do I take my driving test?

We generally take all of our students to the Reading test centre, unless you have a preference to use a different test centre. If you do, then please let us know as early as you can so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Can I book a driving test without a theory test?

You can start learning to drive as soon as you are eligible and have a provisional driving licence so you don't have to pass your theory test first in order to start taking driving lessons. However, you do have to pass your theory test before you can book a practical test.

What is your money back guarantee?

At Superdrive Academy, we believe that we have some of the best driving instructors around. Should you think that you didn't get any value for money on one of your driving lessons, then simply tell us. If we agree, we then give you a 100% refund. See our terms & conditions for more information.

How often should I take driving lessons?

All driving tuition is a constant learning opportunity so the more lessons you have, the more you will learn and hopefully the easier it will be for you to pass your driving test. Statistics show that having driving lessons regularly leads to more sustained and valuable learning. We us a term called skill-fade, this basically means that if your driving lessons are weeks apart from each other, then there's a possibility that you will lose or forget some of the skills and information you have previously covered.

Do you offer driving lesson intensive courses?

Yes, we do offer intensive driving courses for those that can arrange the time to take them. These are also known as fast track driving course and mainly consist of a bulk of block lessons which are generally taken within the space of one or two weeks. Ideally, we would like you to have passed your theory test prior to starting an intensive driving course. This will help to speed the process up. Please note, an intensive course is not a guaranteed pass, no one can offer a guaranteed pass. Please contact us for more information about our driving course packages.

Do you offer refresher driving lessons?

At Superdrive Academy, all of our driving instructors in Reading offer refresher courses. This might just be a one lesson refresher or maybe a small course of refresher lessons. We will listen to you first and foremost and we'll work with you to help you acheive your goals. Our aims are to help you to feel safe and confident on the roads so we will design a plan and strategy that will help you to build your confidence and skills. Our male and female driving instructors in Reading are extremely patient and we're always sympathetic to your needs.


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