Driving lessons in Newbury

Welcome to Superdrive Academy, we're probably one of the only driving schools in Newbury that can offer you a money back guarantee on your driving lessons.

We've also been voted the best driving school in the South of England and we're pleased to say that we came 1st place out of 100's of driving schools.


Trusted by 100's of people near you

Pass your driving test in Newbury 1st time


Erin Phillips
Thak you Superdrive Academy for helping me to pass my driving test. I enjoyed every single driving lesson. Thank you.


Fred Ball
I'm glad I chose Superdrive Academy. Every member of my family passed with these guys and so did I. I would 100% recommend.


Nicolle Miller
I did it. I passed my driving gtest 1st time. I never thought I could but my driving instructor believed in me and was right.


Driving instructors in Newbury

At Superdrive Academy we have a great team of manual and automatic driving instructors in Newbury. We have a mix of male and female driving instructor's and all of them have a good reputation and a high first time pass rate. We even give all our students a money back guarantee on their driving lessons. There are no other driving schools in Newbury who will give you this offer.

High 1st Time Pass Rate

Driving lesson prices in Newbury

Book in with one of our driving instructors in Newbury.

Per hour /1 hour £44.00

  • 100's of people have passed with us
  • Male & Female instructors
  • Manual or automatic
  • High 1st time pass rates

10 Hours /block booking £425.00

  • High pass rates
  • Male & female instructors
  • Manual or automatic
  • Money back guarantee

Block of 20  /block booking £840.00

  • High pass rates
  • Male & female instructors
  • Manual or automatic
  • Money back guarantee

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer automatic driving lessons in Newbury?

Yes, indeed. We have a female instructor covering Newbury and Thatcham areas offering automatic lessons. Simply get in touch for more details.

Do you offer driving lessons on the outskirts of Newbury?

Yes. Our driving instructors in Newbury cover the main parts of the Newbury town and also we cover the outskirts too. The best thing to do is to contact us and let us know what area you live in close to Newbury and we can let you know if our instructors cover those areas.

Can I take my driving test in Newbury?

Newbury has its own test centre, this is located in Hambridge Lane, on the industrial estate. If you live in or near to Newbury then we recommend you use this test centre rather than drive out to a different town or city and take a driving test in an area that you're unfamiliar with.

Shall I start taking driving lessons before my theory?

We recommend that you start taking driving lessons whilst you're studying for your theory test. This way, you get an opportunity to put the theory side of things into practice. It will also help you to put all the pieces together and see how the theory side of things are useful in the practical side of driving.

Do you offer discounts on driving lessons?

Yes. When you book in for driving lessons with Superdrive Academy, you get an option to either pay as you go or to buy blocks of lessons. If you decide to book a block lessons, then we do offer discounts. Our blocks of lessons are generally sold in blocks of 10 or 20 but you can choose to buy up to 30 lessons in one block. Obviously there will be more discount the bigger block you buy.

Who drives home after the driving test?

Our policy is that your instructor will drive you home after your driving test. One of the reasons for this is that driving school cars may not be insured for full licence holders under the age of 24. So, once you pass your driving test, you may well be under the age of 24 and you won't be classed as a provisional licence holder as you would have passed. Therefore, our insurance could be invalid. Not only that, but we want you to relax after your test so by the instructor driving, it gives you an opportunity to relax and let things sink in.


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