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If you’re looking for a new career as a Driving Instructor, then Superdrive Academy can get your new career on track. We are probably one of the best driving instructor training providers in Hampshire and Wiltshire and have a very high pass rate. Our training offices are based in Andover, Hampshire and we offer a range of both distance and on-site training. We also cater for the Armed Forces personnel too. At Superdrive Academy, we know how hard it can be to make changes for a new career, that’s why our bespoke training packages are tailored around you. We are experts in the driver training industry and we know that training to become a driving instructor can give you a completely new lifestyle, bring you happiness and give you total job satisfaction. We can also guarantee you that our training is second to none and all of our students have passed there exams and our enjoying their new career. We are also an ORDIT registered training provider and we also offer amazing franchise opportunities, you can read more about our franchise deals here.

Get a new exciting career

Did you know that you can earn a salary while you’re training to become a driving instructor. We actually pay you to train. How good is that? Once you’ve passed the second exam which is known as the Part 2 and completed your Part 3 training, we can put you out working on a trainee licence. This has the extra benefit of you earning a salary while you’re preparing for you final exam, the Part 3 coupled with the extra benefit of you practicing your craft and getting ready for your final exam.

To become a qualified driving instructor, you first have to pass three exams. These are known as Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Our proven track record and training package is second to none. Download our FREE e-Book now to find out everything you need to know about how to qualify as a Driving Instructor.

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Our training courses

Your training course is flexible and can work around your availability. It will follow a set syllabus and structure which has been proven to be successful over the years. The process set out by the Government to qualify and register as an ADI has been designed to take at least 16 weeks to qualify due to a CRB check having to be completed and waiting times for tests and registration to get your ADI badge. Therefore it is advisable that you take your tests as soon as possible once you have taken your training. However, we will advise you on test readiness and ensure you are ready before you apply for your test.

Part 1 Training – Theory and Hazard Recognition (50 hours) This part of your course is primarily home study coupled with opportunities to meet up with your trainer to discuss your progress so there is a short element of classroom training involved. It’s also ran in conjunction with your Part 2 driver training, this enables you to put the theory side of driving into practice. This ensures that you receive plenty of help during your study for the Part 1 test.

You will receive a Part 1 study guide and 7 books and also have access to our online learning modules. Cutting corners at this stage could lead to problems for you further on down the line when you come to take the part 3 test. Many training companies simply get you to practice answering questions by parrot fashion which is simply a bad way to go about training. Our training programe is different, we want you to be the best instructor there is because a detailed knowledge of the theory is vital and will act as a strong basis for a successful career as an instructor. You will also receive an assessment on your driving at this stage which will also help you with your Theory test and will give you good guidance in preparation for your part 2 driver training.

Part 2 Training – Driving Skills (10 hours) This part of the course can either be on an hourly basis spread over a course of weeks or it can be condensed into 10 hours training spread over two consecutive days back to back – For the Part 2, here you will benefit from in-car training to bring your driving skills to a high standard which will place you in the top 7% of drivers in the country. You may have a lot of driving experience and probably have developed some incorrect driving habits.

Driving techniques have changed a lot over the years and so you may need to be brought up-to-date. As well as receiving expert tuition on advanced driving, you will also receive a Driver Training Workbook which helps you to keep track of your performance and it also gives you all the tips and advice you need to pass your Part 2 driving test.

Part 3 Training – Instructional Techniques (40 hours) Similar to the Part 2 course, this course can either be spread over weeks and months depending on your availability or it can be condensed into 40 hours of training spread over two consecutive weeks (excluding weekends). You will receive an Instructor Training Workbook, Lesson plans and visual aids diagram workbook and all of the material to help you to become and effective driving instructor.

The Part 3 exam is generally considered as the hardest out of the three so believe me when we say you need a good standard of training and a training provider who can get the best out of you in order for you to achieve a pass. There’s a lot to cover on the Part 3 course so some home study will be necessary. Once you have passed the Part 3 exam, you are now ready to get your career on the road and enjoy your new lifestyle. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention, also included in your course at this stage is a business training day. We cover everything you need to know about being self-employed such as business accounts, how to source a vehicle and dual controls, diary management and a whole lot more. Don’t worry, it’s not as boring as it sounds.

Download our FREE e-Book now to find out more about training to become a Driving Instructor.