Covid-19 Health & Safety Procedures

Driving Lessons & Covid-19
Due to the Covid-19 situation, Superdrive Academy have been unable to offer driving lessons since the 23rd March. We made this decision based on government guidelines as it’s impossible for driving instructors to social distance.

As the restrictions and advice is changing over time, we are seing lockdown restrictions being lifted and easing up. As we anticipate more restrictions to be lifted over the coming weeks. we are aiming to return back to work on the 04th July. Obviously this is providing it’s safe to do so. We are watching the government updates on a daily basis.

What You Need To Know
When we do return back to work, we still don’t know what this is going to look like. For example, will we have to wear face coverings and perhaps gloves etc. We want to reassure you that when we do return back to work that all of our instructors will be following the government health & Safety guidelines to keep both ourselves and you safe.

How are we doing this?
All of our cars will carry gloves, face masks, anti-bacterial hand gel, anti-bacterial wipes and perhaps removable seat covers. 

It’s also going to be good practice to keep the car ventilated with fresh air so we will have some of the windows down a few inches to provide circulation.

To help us to reduce risk of infection, we will also be asking our students prior to their lesson how are they feeling. Do they feel unwell, have a sudden cough or perhaps does anyone in their household feel unwell. If the answer to these questions are “Yes”, then we will make a decision to cancel the lesson for health & safety reasons.

Our instructors will each carry a bin liner with them which will be kept in the boot of their car which will be used to deposit any used anti-bacterial wipes, gloves and face masks.

We are also giving our students the option to wear masks and gloves should they want to. This will be discussed a few hours prior to their lesson. The instructor will liaise with the pupil directly to confirm they are feeling ok and are happy to continue with their lesson.

What else are we doing?
Our instructors will be cleaning the car thoroughly between each driving lesson. We will be cleaning all of the “touch points” in and outside of the car such as the door, steering wheel, the key fob, the indicators and wipers etc and we are encouraging our students to wash their hands before and after their driving lesson, as will our instructors.

What if I have a question?
If you have any questions about our health & safety policy and what we’re trying to do in order to return back to work in a safe way, then please feel free to contact us. We want you to feel safe and be safe.

Thank you
Superdrive Academy