Superdrive Academy move into Salisbury

We knew Salisbury was a lovely city and the cathedral attracts thousands of tourists world wide. Salisbury is a beautiful part of Wiltshire and has some excellent scenic rural areas too. Not only does Salisbury attract thousands of visitors each year, it has also attracted Superdrive Academy.

Although Superdrive Academy headquarters are based in Andover, Hampshire. We’ve had a fair bit of interest from the general public asking us for driving lessons. We use Salisbury test centre because Andover doesn’t have a driving test centre so some of our driving instructors travel out to Salisbury.

Maybe we’ve been getting enquiries from the general public in Salisbury because they’ve seen our cars in the area. Due to public demand, a decision was made to expand into the area. So we put a plan together and trained up three driving instructors in Salisbury so we could cater for the demand. In just a short space of time, we’ve been able to place both male and female driving instructors in Salisbury and we’re pleased to say that all three instructors are busy.

If truth be known, we’re actually maxed out in Salisbury now as the demand for our services is increasing. As a business, we take this as a compliment, we’re obviously doing something right. We’re also pleased to say that we have a fantastic pass rate using the Salisbury test centre and all of the driving examiners there are great. Long gone has the horrid tales of driving examiners being the ogar, if anything, it’s the opposite. There’s even a tea and coffee making facilities inside the test centre as not every test centre around the country offer such facilities. So now, whilst our learner drivers are out on their driving test, us instructors can enjoy a brew. Moving into Salisbury wasn’t all plain sailing, we had to get used to the area too, like many towns and cities throughout the united kingdon, it has some quirky roundabouts and back streets. If you’re interested in taking lessons with Superdrive Academy in Salisbury, then visit our Salisbury page here – Driving Instructors Salisbury.

If you want to know more about Salisbury and what it has to offer, then there’s a good article on Wikipedia here